CISA Certification Requirements and Cost

The International Association of Information Systems Auditors’ primary qualification is the Information Systems Auditor Certificate (ISACA). This certification has served as a gold standard for IT audits and data security since 1978. More than 60 000 professionals worldwide have obtained this certification since its establishment, and it is now “de facto” recognized as a sign of obtaining a high professional level in this subject on a global scale.

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The procedures that an applicant for CISA eligibility must complete are as follows::

  • pass the test of qualification;
  • fill up and send the cisa certification application form;
  • affix your signature to the code of ethics;
  • make a commitment to enhancing your abilities constantly;
  • commit to adhering to auditing standards.

Requirements for CISA Certification

You must have at least five years of recent professional experience auditing, managing, or safeguarding information systems (IS) to apply for the CISA test. If you have the following, you may be eligible for a waiver for up to three years of CISA experience requirements:

The owner of CISA should not only be well versed in the field of information security, but also in IT management, the life cycle of information systems, and how to check everything for compliance with the best world practices. Ideally, an applicant for this certification should have completed a life school in one of the big four companies or in a large company that has a full-fledged IT audit group or department.


The CISA test has a scale of 200 to 800 points. You must have a score of 450 or higher to pass. It will take you four hours to answer 150 multiple-choice questions covering the five main areas of professional practice in IP audit, control, and security.

  1. Test methods for information systems.
  2. IT management and leadership (17%)
  3. Development, implementation, and acquisition of information systems (12%)
  4. Management of the operation, maintenance, and repair of information systems (23%).
  5. Protection of information assets (27%)

If they put in the necessary effort in studying, everyone may take the test. The candidate will get all the essential information regarding the qualifying process, including the exam results broken down by domains, by email in the event of a successful passing score.

CISA Schooling

ISACA provides a variety of CISA exam preparation choices. You may select from illustrative instructor-led training, online or on-demand refresher courses, print or download study aids, study questions, and access an explanation database with a 1-year ISACA membership subscription.

Another option is to enroll in a four-day classroom course that ISACA offers at a number of locations. Alternatively, if your organization needs to certify multiple employees at once, CIOs can offer on-the-job training.

Other non-ISACA organizations offer training programs and courses.

CISA Test and Upkeep Costs

The cost of the exam is $475 ($345 for members of the Association. (Membership costs $130 annually + $10 entry fee))

Registration for the exam and payment is carried out by the candidate independently on the website of the Association (

Preparatory courses for CISA and CISM exams usually consist of 2 study days (16 hours) and a test exam. The total volume is 6 sections in accordance with the requirements of the exam and license agreement. Participation in preparatory courses provides credit for 20 hours of study in ISACA.

CISA Salary

Certifications are great for enhancing your skills and experience on your resume, but they can also lead to increased earnings.

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